Le Mas de Cinq Sous,
A very secret place

In the heart of the Alpilles Regional Nature Park, just a few minutes from Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, Mas de Cinq Sous invites you to take a break from the hustle and bustle of nature. At the end of a narrow gravel path lined up with tall pine trees, already captivated by the enchanting essences of the surrounding garrigue, you will see the Mas appearing in all its simple beauty. Located at the bottom of these magnificent white rocks which form the Alpilles (France), sheltered and extending over five hectares, Le Mas de cinq sous has a unique view on this famous mountain range. You will have a unique feeling of being alone in the world in one of the most preserved places on earth. Like a shelter, a haven of peace, a secret jewel in the middle of a beautiful national park A privileged place to spend precious time with friends and family. A place where the walls and stones whisper incredible stories that no one else could tell you.

Once you have reached the Mas de Cinq Sous, you will not feel like you are entering a rental house. ou will feel that you are settling in a holiday home, with a soul and a history. Everything will be done so that the Mas becomes your Mas while you are here. We will give you a warm welcome. We will adapt to you.

Rural luxury and a sense of authenticity

The 250sqm Mas can accommodate up to 8 guests in total privacy. This house, delicately renovated whilst respecting its traditional materials of origin, has kept all the charm of its past. This confidential place is a mix of authenticity and luxury. We have sought, when restoring this old farmhouse, to resume the dialogue with the past, give the impression that this conversation had never stopped, while offering all modern conveniences to our guests. A nice balance between tradition and contemporary design, combining stone, wood and steel. Its cathedral ceiling kitchen, living room with a typical provençal fireplace, 4 suites basking in the light, never-ending garden, “pétanque” ground (an outdoor game of tossing metallic balls) under the pine trees, vegetable garden and swimming pool make it the idyllic setting for those looking for relaxation and tranquility. Le Mas de cinq sous (France) is ideal for families, there are numerous spots where one can withdraw for a bit of tranquility or for the household to gather inside or outside. Everything you need to unwind and enjoy the Provence way of life is here, far from the touristic hustle.

For your comfort, the entire property is air-conditioned.

A “home” far away from home

Once you’ve taken a tour of the house and gone through the welcome booklet, you’ll feel right at home. Ready to enjoy your stay.

Feeling at home

While the kids are busy building a house in the trees or exploring the area, searching for hidden treasures between the rocks, pine rocks and aromatic herbs, you are throwing yourself into a fierce game of “pétanque”, immersing yourself in a good book under the shady cypress, cooling-off in the swimming pool, opening a good bottle of wine when everybody is preparing lunch together in the magnificent kitchen, indulging yourself with a massage among the olive trees, opening the window while taking your bath and enjoying the chirping song of the cicadas mingling with that of children’s laughter. When the night is dark, snuggled under warm blankets, you are contemplating the milky way. You’ve never thought you there could be so many stars. Come and create exceptional and precious memories for yourself. Dare to do nothing, except enjoy these moments. The Mas de Cinq Sous in France is a magical oasis for those who are looking for a unique and sincere place. Some places attract you and make you want to stay. We will do everything we can to make you want to do only one thing when you leave the Mas: come back!

Welcome to your vacation home

Le Mas de Cinq Sous,
Going back to the fundamentals

Take the time to enjoy life, contemplate the sun rising, the color of the top of the trees which slowly changes over the course of the day. Listen to the wind blowing in the long grass, the soft lapping of the pool in the afternoon, feel the coolness of the stone when the sun hits the roof tiles, enjoy the smell of coffee coming from the kitchen, the taste of olive oil on a ripe tomato freshly picked up in the vegetable garden, the vertigo of a night full of shooting stars, the fire in the chimney and the hot chestnuts roasting underneath when autumn evenings become a bit chilly. The place is marked by rustic elegance.

As well as by genuinity, beauty, regionality, authenticity, elegance, harmony, balance and generosity.

The art of hosting requires generousness and patience. One must know how to wonder, how to listen and, most of all, how to surprise. At the Mas de Cinq Sous, our objective is to highlight the simple things The beautiful. To give additional soul to things. We wish to offer you the pleasure to let yourself go. To breathe, to enjoy, to feel good. In one word, to live a good life. Simplicity and authenticity to enhance the wonderful.